Our Beliefs

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OneHundredFold exists within UFM Worldwide, and we share the same doctrinal statements. In addition, OneHundredFold aims to leverage new technology to distribute scripture, evangelize and disciple the unreached peoples of the world. We do this according to these values and commitments:

  • Evangelism & Discipleship—Our Goal is to be clearly, wisely, consistently and effectively evangelistic. We commit to making and maturing disciples who know and obey the commands of Jesus Christ.
  • Scripture—God’s Word is our only infallible rule of faith and practice. In our efforts to engage the lost through technical means, we will make distribution of Scripture among the unreached our top priority, and will submit our efforts to the guidance and authority of scripture.
  • Focus—The quickest way to do nothing is to attempt to do everything. We will shepherd our resources to focus on the “least of these”. Our initial focus is the Muslim world and other unreached peoples, and we will evaluate each new project in order to prevent dilution of focus. Priority will be given to efforts that empower and equip [1] nationals to actively engage their people in person or virtually, and [2] expatriate teams that actively engage unreached people on the ground or virtually. Projects or teams that do not have active engagement with an unreached people group will be last priority. If what we learn or build can serve the church in reached areas of the world, we will share freely, but will restrict our development efforts to those engaging the unreached.
  • Engagement—In the past, digital ministry was concerned only with producing a product. Later, distribution of that product was an appropriate measure of success. Now we seek to hold ourselves to a standard of engagement. A successful media product, website, or social media interaction should be consumed and should result in a positive impact. The media and message should be effective and clear, and customization of the technical delivery methods may be necessary for each target population. The end product should be tested to ensure that the solution provides adequate, usable and understandable delivery of the truth.
  • Excellence & Rapid Improvement—While it may seem obvious that any such effort would strive for excellence, professional discipline requires that we constantly refine and improve our methods and content. To keep excellence from becoming bogged down in perfectionism, our efforts need to be carried out in a rapidly-iterated approach where each iteration improves and refines the offering.
  • Sincerity—Data and feedback are of critical importance to digital ministry. We must hold ourselves to a clear standard and provide honest feedback, rather than using data as a means of self-promotion. We commit to gathering and using data to refine our efforts, even when that data suggests we have much to learn and to improve on.
  • Service—The team will be comprised of highly-skilled people who are ready to serve projects with those skills so that each project can be successful.
  • Sharing—While the team will have many highly-skilled people, there is no desire to control the domain of Digital Media, Web and Mobile. We seek to develop solutions, advise, train and equip for the good of the Kingdom. The team will be ready to partner with other ministries that seek to use technology in God’s work. We will use open-source software and methods at every possible opportunity.