Our Organization

OneHundredFold is a group of specialists in software development, web design, database engineering, networking and telecommunications who believe that mobile technology has a transformative role to play in making the gospel of Christ accessible to every individual on Earth.

OneHundredFold works with Great Commission ministry partners who have text, audio, video or communications content which must be delivered via mobile means and/or which must be made securely and discretely accessible. This content could pertain to Christian training, evangelism, discipleship, devotional life, counseling, organizational cohesion, congregational body life, Scripture distribution, specialty outreach or just about anything else required by a particular thread of the Great Commission.

OneHundredFold is primarily focused on technologically enabling ministries, churches and even missionary-minded individuals located outside the West (North America and Europe), or whose ministries focus on peoples outside the West. This is not an absolute restriction, but because non-western agencies typically have very few options for this kind of assistance, OneHundredFold aspires to help them as a priority. When exploring a potential partnership, OneHundredFold will take into account doctrinal stance, Biblical ministry model, overall effectiveness and the intangible direction of the Holy Spirit.

OneHundredFold staff consists of several self-supported, full-time career missionaries plus more than a dozen volunteers. We and our partners work together remotely, with no pair of us having the same postal code. The OneHundredFold team is almost equally split between the US and the UK.

OneHundredFold was founded in February 2012 as a ministry of UFM Worldwide, a British missions agency that partners with churches to deliver leadership training and resources in evangelism and church planting to more than 30 countries. The founder of OneHundredFold had more than 10 years of missionary tech experience. He was later joined by two more career missionaries whose total background supporting missionary technology exceeds 30 years.