Our Partners


OneHundredFold serves other ministries by helping them  connect with the unreached.

Here are a few of the ministries we are serving:

Partner Ministry description OneHundredFold’s role
Telemensahe Consults in the creation and management of phone-based ministry content distribution. Allen Derksen, an early pioneer in audio mobile ministry, is the Founder / Director of Telemensahe Media. “Telemensahe” is Spanish for “telephone message”. Consulting and prototyping of Audio Gospel Gateway systems based on cloud and VoIP technology.
MissionAssist Serves the work of Christian mission through the provision of a range of services to those who have been sent out from their home churches in the UK to work abroad. Creation and maintenance of worldbibles.org, a website that helps people find Scripture in over 4000 languages.
SELBL The Society for English Learning Through Biblical Literature teaches English as a second language using the English Bible as its primary text. Website design consultation and creation of a mobile-friendly version of the SELBL “Idiom of the day” database.
shabibah.org Website which ministers to Arabic-speaking youth. Website development.
Various Ethnic pastors with their own personal ministries. WordPress training aimed at enabling ministry staff to create and maintain their own ministry content.
Various Ministry websites. Website usability consultation.
Various Presentations at various conferences and churches. Training in mobile media, security and best practices.