OneHundredFold creates technology to reach the unreached. We build websites, phone systems, mobile apps, security devices and whatever else is needed to communicate the gospel. We help other ministries use technology to reach new people and follow up with those who receive Christ.
Here are a few of our projects this year.

shabibah website thumbOneHundredFold created in partnership with an Egyptian Christian media production team. The website delivers original Arabic videos and radio programs and invites response. The site focuses on issues facing Arabic youth. In conjunction with the site, we created a secure email system for interacting with youth who leave comments on the site. New content is being added to the site daily.

worldbibles thumbnailRead the Bible in 366 languages, or follow a link to God’s Word in 3,970 other languages.  There are a lot of Bibles online, but it’s hard to find the language you’re looking for unless you start at  Mission Assist collected 22,000 links to audio and text Bibles around the web and asked OneHundredFold  to build a site that was fast, free, and user-friendly.

We built and now help 100,000 visitors a year find a Bible in a foreign language.

idiomoftheday-go-the-extra-mile-full-resolutionOneHundredFold created a mobile web app to share English language content created by SELBL. The site explains English language idioms that have their origin in the Bible, then points to the reference in our mobile Bible reader. Each idiom provides an entry into the Bible, and the reader is invited to keep reading the full story that featured the idiom.


Cloud Phone

cloud phone diagram(International Multilingual Daily Gospel Hotline)

Our heart is for the unreached. We needed more than websites to reach those without the internet. God provided a way for us to reach anyone with a phone. Our Cloud Phone system is a combination of old-fashioned phone lines and modern digital telephony.

We are developing this technology in collaboration with the Canadian partner Telemensahe (Spanish for “phone message”) who pioneered this ministry method and is helping us refine our technical goals. We hope to implement this system in partnership with several churches in India, then offer the system to other national ministries around the world.

Access a simple demonstration from these phone numbers:
+1 205-588-4118 (a number in Alabama, USA)
+33 975182786 (a number in France)
+44 2895680138 (a number in the UK)

+1 205-588-5208 (a number in Alabama, USA)
+33 975182787 (a number in France)

mobile-world-biblesIt’s hard enough to find the Bible in Waorani, Mapudungun, or Bribri, but what if all you have is a mobile phone? We built  to make reading the Bible possible on mobile phones around the world. Our mobile web app lets you sort through 3,970 languages in an instant, and read or listen on your phone.

AUDIOTEXTBIBLE-LARGEWe built to draw english learners into the Bible. The site reads the Bible out loud and highlights each word as it is read. Clicking a word repeats that word and starts the audio from there. Learners can select their native language and double click any word to see a google translation of that word into their native language.