Give material or resource

Do you have some non-cash thing of value that you think might be useful to OneHundredFold  that you can give or loan, or some resource to which you can offer access? We might well be able to use

  • working phones or smartphones (with charger) that could be used for testing new technology
  • a working server computer
  • a meeting facility which could host an OneHundredFold event (conference, workshop, presentation, etc)
  • Frequent flyer miles to reduce costs for a traveling OneHundredFold staffer
  • a good car you could loan for use during an OneHundredFold event
  • a serviceable car you could give to an OneHundredFold career missionary
  • office equipment (desks, printer, scanner, file cabinet) for a future OneHundredFold office
  • a good-condition SVG/HDMI projector for presentation uses
  • assorted services for an OneHundredFold event: photography, housing, snacks, airport pickups, etc.

To find out if we indeed have a current need for what you have to donate, please fill out the form at Contact Us.