Support a Missionary

A OneHundredFold career missionary’s personal income is supplied via individuals and churches, each giving a portion of the worker’s required monthly salary. From this amount, taxes are withheld, insurance premiums are paid and other deductions are taken. The remainder is salary. This amount varies over time with giving levels, but all together the OneHundredFold career staff can testify to almost a century of God’s continual provision via this missionary model.

The manner of giving can vary greatly, and the donor controls all the factors involved. Some donors give single, “one-time” gifts in varying amounts whenever they are able. These gifts are not pledges or commitments, but God uses them to meet unplanned expenses faced by the staff member (ie., car repairs, out-of-pocket medical needs, etc).

Other donors make a pledge to give a specific amount on some specific interval. This kind of support is really the bedrock of keeping a OneHundredFold missionary going. A repeating monthly, quarterly or annual pledged gift allows the missionary to count that income towards his/her “support quota”. That missionary is then able to know (and tell others who ask) what his/her financial position is and how much more effort he/she may need to be invest finalizing their support team. There are a number of ways to actually accomplish this, but American donors can now give online.

For UK donors

UK citizens can give through OneHundredFold‘s parent organization, UFM Worldwide.

145 Faringdon Road, Swindon
Wiltshire, SN1 5DL
United Kingdom

We are always happy to receive questions about how to give, so please Contact Us if we can help you in any way.

For USA donors

USA citizens can give online or by check through our US organization, UFM Worldwide USA:

UFM Worldwide USA
Suite 305
400 Office Park Drive
Birmingham, AL 35223