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OneHundredFold┬áhas quite a number of ongoing projects, all of which require funding in some way. Funds given for projects do not become part of anyone’s personal income because OneHundredFold career staff members raise their own personal support and volunteers contribute their time and expertise without earthly remuneration.

Many OneHundredFold projects are done in conjunction with ministry partners whose work is done in places where security is always a challenge. This makes it impossible for us to describe specific projects here. However, we can discuss categories of project funding required to deliver Kingdom-serving technology and content everywhere the name of Christ should be heard.

  • Grapevines – Our Grapevine micro-server product can be loaded with content oriented to evangelism, theological training, discipleship…virtually any Christian content. WiFi-equipped phones can access this web-style content regardless of internet availability and security restrictions.
  • Mustard Seeds – Low-end mobile phones lacking WiFi and internet features can usually access static text, audio and video for evangelism, training, worship and discipleship when supplied on our plug-in microSD product.
  • OneHundredFold production facility – Manufacturing space and equipment is needed for assembling and testing our hardware products.
  • Advanced technology – Covers projects related to ministry tools which do not fit into another category, particularly for research and development of new ministry-tool technology
  • Equipment – Includes equipment needed within OneHundredFold to produce ministry tools (eg., servers, staff computers, tools, etc)

Gifts given to one of these categories will be used on a current project in that category for a specific ministry partner. If, for example, you give to “Grapevines for evangelism”, then your gift will be used in one or more ongoing projects in that category. Because of security constraints, we may not be able to formally describe the exact project.

Remember that many of our ministry partners, particularly those “outside the West” where the Kingdom is growing the fastest, simply do not have the funds to take advantage of the mobile revolution. Those who cannot raise their own funding locally or who don’t have other financial resources will have to depend on OneHundredFold to provide the materials as well as the engineering expertise. To the degree that you can help us with project funding is the degree to which we can serve these partners.

American donors can now give online.

For UK donors

UK citizens can give through OneHundredFold‘s parent organization, UFM Worldwide.

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Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us with your questions and project interests.