Volunteer your skills

Have you had a deep desire to serve the Lord in Great Commission work with your technical skill but could not find a way to do it?

Most of the technical work done by OneHundredFold is done by volunteers, working from some place convenient to them, during free time that they consecrate to God. They bring specific skills into the team which generally fit a project underway or a project being considered.

OneHundredFold volunteer may commit to a specific project and then “disconnect” when that project is completed, or he/she may connect as an ongoing organizational staffer available for project assignment. Volunteers generally work how and when they please, with the criteria that they contribute on average 5 hours per week and if at all possible remain committed until their project is completed.

We have volunteers who do

  • server management
  • group email management
  • Android-based app development
  • iOS-based app development
  • various kinds of group administration
  • web application development in PHP/MySQL/JavaScript
  • VoIP system development using Asterisk or FreeSWITCH
  • BlueTooth functionality engineering
  • graphic art
  • WordPress-based website development
  • WordPress training
  • mobile-friendly web databases
  • project management
  • technical research

You just might be a OneHundredFold volunteer if you…

  • have a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • are a weekly participant in an evangelical, Bible-based local congregation which is happy to recommend you for service to OneHundredFold.
  • are at least as motivated to reach the world for Christ as you are to code the next great web widget.
  • are compatible with OneHundredFold’s doctrinal and philosophical positions (see Our Beliefs).
  • have on average at least 5 hours per week of concentrated work time (barring illness, travel, occasional family situations, etc) without negatively impacting family responsibilities.
  • if married, have the approval of your spouse to make a commitment to OneHundredFold.
  • are flexible enough to be supervised and accomplish tasks in a way that is conducive to your project and your OneHundredFold colleagues.
  • can be available as needed (not necessarily daily) for brief phone/Skype meetings during hours that mesh with your OneHundredFold project manager and team members. These meetings are not usually long or frequent, but might need to occur during your business day in some cases.
  • have an existing skill-set needed for a OneHundredFold project or role. We know that you must self-educate constantly to maintain your skills or do to a particular job having elements outside your own experience, but OneHundredFold is not a place where, for example, an aspiring web developer does his first work with HTML and CSS.
  • have experience working remotely with project teammates, and comfortable using collaboration tools (at least Skype).
  • are a relatively independent, self-motivated contributor who takes the initiative to ask questions or resolve problems once a task is underway.
  • can work charitably alongside other developers who, for example, use different tools, a different OS or a different coding style than you.
  • will consider attending the annual OneHundredFold conference in your region and/or undertake any travel (possibly international) that a particular project might require.

We hate to be negative, but…

We want our volunteer staff to have a great experience producing working products for our Great Commission partners. There are a number of personal and other situations which generally fail to accomplish this. Here are a few:

  • “I just want to write code. I do nothing but write code. I write code only on the XYZ platform.” (You are probably not flexible enough to fit into a team, even if we use the XYZ platform).
  • “I’m in between jobs right now, and I’d like to use my downtime to keep my skills fresh and serve God.” (Your priority seems to be something other than the Great Commission, and your project will likely stop as soon as a paycheck re-enters your life).
  • “Wow, that’s an exciting project. I will just order ‘VoIP for Dummies’ and get with you next week.” (We appreciate your enthusiasm, but come talk to us after you have built a few working soft-PBX systems that people really use).
  • “My spouse wasn’t exactly thrilled with my desire to add another commitment to my life, but he/she will come around.” (If God is really preparing you for service with us, He will prepare your spouse for it too. Focus on your spouse until He finishes that process. Your marriage is more important than our project).
  • “Let’s see…I’ve got an hour on Tuesday night after the deacon meeting, an hour before men’s group on Thursday morning, two 30-minute slots after tennis on Monday and Friday, plus an hour each way on the train to work. That’s 5 hours and I can volunteer!” (Your zeal is commendable, but your time is too fractured and/or your life is too full. If God gives you no fewer than two unbroken time slots of at least 5 hours total, please get back to us).
  • “Wow. Compared to what OneHundredFold is doing, my day job is a boring, pointless, unrewarding, eternally insignificant waste of time.” (You are definitely not a potential volunteer…could God be dropping hints about becoming a OneHundredFold career missionary?).

What next?

You can begin down the path toward volunteer involvement at our Contact Us page. In the message, tell us why you want to serve. We will get back to you.