Our Values

OneHundredFold creates technology to distribute Scripture, evangelize, and disciple the unreached peoples of the world.

We do this according to these values and commitments:


We make distribution of Scripture among the unreached a top priority and submit our efforts to the guidance and authority of Scripture.

Excellence & Rapid Improvement

We strive for a rapidly-iterated approach where each iteration improves and refines the offering, helping keep excellence from becoming bogged down in perfectionism.


We are committed to gathering and using data to refine our efforts, even when that data suggests we have much to learn and to improve on.


We seek to digitally protect individuals who are showing an interest in the gospel. We can’t protect people from the persecution that can come from following Jesus, but we do seek to give them a safe space to evaluate the message of Jesus for themselves.


Jesus told His disciples, “without me, you can do nothing.” Everything we do is under-girded by prayer.

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